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What we believe

Cardano Stakepool operator that is based in sunny Singapore. We operate our Stakepool with pride and seek to be a long term ecosystem partner of the Cardano family. We believe in the mission of Cardano (Hi Charles Hoskinson fam!!!) and want to be a part of this 3rd generation blockchain as it builds up to be the world-recognised, stable, scalable, low-cost, trusted by Govts, certified by design and more ... infrastructure that is going to power the next Fintech, Education, ... (who knows what it can achieve!)

Cardano Stakepool Machines

Our machines (both Block Producer and Relay Node) and its specifications are listed below (Over here in Cardano, we dont need a super-computer to run the nodes as we are a Proof-of-Stake and NOT Proof-of-Work. No wastage of processing power and electricity to mint blocks. Our selected hardware are well above the required specifications to handle the Cardano block productions now and in the future (and beyond .. and beyond... and beyond....)

System Hardware

We are hosting our nodes on trusted Intel I7 6700T 2.8GHz (4 Cores) processors. We hooked up 8GB of RAM and fit it with 240GB SSD (Woohoo. Enough to store Cardano blockchain till the cows comes home and beyond)

Operating System

Nothing to see here just the standard Linux distribution that everyone uses to do everything. Linux Power with Ubuntu 20.04 Server


Software Engineers that is trained and doing day-to-day coding is looking after the setup and maintenance of our nodes. Dont worry. We are the 'Software' guys :)


Hardware are located not in the clouds (not somewhere out there) but in Sunny Singapore here with us. We believe having the actual hardware with us to do any changes or upgrades as we deem fit. We have a 1GBPS Fibre Internet connection that is always ON like us. Swee.

Sunny Singapore (Where lah?)

Here loh! In Punggol.

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